If you have an accident or are a witness to an accident:


Occasionally a citizen will become involved in or a witness to a motor vehicle accident. In order to provide the fastest service and safest environment for all our citizens, it is recommended that a citizen follow these simple guidelines when stopped by an officer.

  1. If you are a witness to an accident and have time to wait for an officer, please do so as your input can have serious value. An accident can be a traumatic event for some. Many times Officers will arrive on scene and get two different stories (whether they can't remember all the details or simply don't want a citation) and it can be that one eye witness that puts the whole accident together.
  2. If your vehicle is driveable, move your vehicle safely out of the roadway and keep off the roadway.
  3. Begin exchanging information (Name, Address, Phone Number, Vehicle Information, and Insurance Information)
  4. Be truthful with the Officer who has responded so it doesn't delay the process by him/her having to investigate more than needed.
  5. Display your driver’s license and proof of insurance upon the officer’s request (this is State Law) and allows the officer properly handle the accident report.
  6. Do not be argumentative or boisterous during the accident investigation. Be calm and cooperative
  7. If you get a citation, remember that signing the citation does not indicate an admission of guilt.
  8. Once the officer has allowed you to leave, please take the time to check traffic and make sure it is safe to re-enter the roadway.



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