Auto Security

These security tips are to help you think about added protection. 
If a criminal wants something bad enough, nothing will stop them.
The more protection/security you have, the more likelihood that a criminal will bypass you and/or your property.



---Never leave anything in plain view in your vehicle where a burglar might see it and decide to break in to get it.
---Always secure your vehicle by locking the doors.


Keep your vehicle title (if vehicle is paid for) in a safe place where only you have access to it.
Keep your vehicle registration paperwork at home and/or other safe place you can get to it, NOT in your vehicle.  Law Enforcement already has access to your vehicle registration so carrying it in your car is not necessary.  If your vehicle is impounded, having the registration in your car can be a costly mistake, as you will have to get a notarized document showing proof of ownership before a wrecker service will release your vehicle to you.


Always carry a copy of your valid insurance in your vehicle and on your person (in purse or wallet).  This will prevent you from getting a costly citation, getting arrested, or your license from being suspended, which will lead to lengthy jail sentences, costly bail/bonds, and costly fines.  Keep your insurance policy packet at home or somewhere you will have access to it.


These items have long been the car burglars’ main goal as they can sell them or pawn them for a substantial amount of money.
There are two main security points of mind to have when it comes to your stereo:
DO NOT drive around town “BASSing” your stereo as loud as you can.  Not only can this get you a citation or get you arrested and your vehicle impounded with the fine for the offense being up to $2000.00, but this also attracts the car burglars to follow you, find out where you live, and steal your stereo, amplifier, and speakers at a later time when convenient to them.
If you have a removable faceplate or a removable stereo, remove these items when leaving your vehicle parked for an extended period of time when it will be unattended.


Never leave valuable items in plain view for anyone to see in your vehicle.  It is best to leave your vehicle clean and empty as if it is on an auto dealerships lot.  If you are shopping and have purchased a lot of items (like at Christmas time for example), take those items home and then return to shop.  Many people have become victims by returning to their vehicles, storing their items, continuing shopping, and then returning to find someone has broken into their vehicle and stolen everything they purchased previously.

Do not leave your car unlocked or left running when unattended.  This not only makes your car easier/faster to steal, but leaving your vehicle running unattended is also a citable offense by law enforcement).


Window Etching – (Mark-N-Gard.com and AutoEtch.net - for example). This is a kit that will mark your Vehicle Identification Number on all your windows allowing Law Enforcement to view your VIN without placing their lives in jeopardy by looking at your dash with a suspect in the car.  If a thief stole your vehicle and changed the plate, the Officer can ask their dispatcher if the VIN on the window matches that of the vehicle they reported they stopped, allowing them to recover your vehicle faster. The Texas H.E.A.T. (help end auto theft) program is an excellent program as well, especially with as close to the border as our city is.

  The Club – this is a great tool as it takes the thief additional time to cut if off your steering wheel.

  UV Marker – This marker uses permanent UV Ink to mark any part of your vehicle.  The markings are visible by UV light (see home security for further information on this item).

  UV Footprint Lables – these are very costly but leave a UV permanent mark if a suspect removes the labels (also visible by UV Light).

Ignition and/or Fuel Kill Switch – these can be mounted anywhere.  Usually these switches are applied to either an ignition line or fuel power line.  They have to be turned on by the operator before the ignition can start or before the fuel pump will deliver fuel to the motor.

On Star – (only available if installed in the vehicle at the factory) expensive but reportedly a great tool for most any owner/operator.  It is a monitoring system which the company can tell you where your vehicle is, unlock your doors for your, etc. 

Programmable circuit chips – these are little circuit chip cards that are usually installed/wired into your ignition wiring.  A little card has to be inserted into the plug before the vehicle can be started.  (Similar idea to the newer cars that have the chip in the keys.

Special Pattern Lug Nuts – these are great to protect your $3000 rims/tires.  You can get two different types.  The first type is the one everyone sees where you use a special lug key that has to be used to remove the locking lug nut.  The second type is a modified type lug nut that you have to special order (usually you will want to get enough to replace all your lug nuts).  These lugs are not the typical flat 5/6-sided ones you typically see.  These lug nuts can be pointed (like a star for example) and can have a number of points, or any other shape offered by the manufacturer.



Motorcycles are a hard item to secure.  They are usually easy to steal regardless of what type of alarm and/or chain/cable you use to secure it.  The only three ways to really secure a motorcycle is to: keep it in a garage/storage type facility, install a ignition/fuel interrupt, and/or to keep it in your sight at all times.

You can make your motorcycle a little harder to steal by adding security items such as an alarm, wheel lock cables, mark VIN into the body parts, and/or ignition and fuel interupt devices.             

If you know of any other ways, please feel free to email the webmaster and the suggestions will be reviewed and if applicable will be included on this website.



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