Traffic Citations

If you have received a citation, please contact the Uvalde Municipal Court within the 10 days alloted. Failure to Appear (or contact) the court in the 10 days can result in an Arrest Warrant being issued and possible additional charges. If you are stopped while driving after the 10 days and a warrant has been issued, this can result in your being arrested and your vehicle being impounded.

Many times citizens have issues that preclude them from being able to fully rectify a citation within the 10 days; however, the Municipal Court has options available to assist you. They may also be able to set you up on a payment plan. If they do, ensure you abide by the plan to avoid an arrest warrant being issued.

If you were issued a citation and you disagree with the citation issued, please contact the Uvalde Municipal Court.

The Municipal Court handles the scheduling of Pre-Trial Interviews. This will be the time for you to let them know if you want to contest the charge.


Uvalde Municipal Court

(830) 278-3315

101 East Main Street
Uvalde, Texas 78801

PO Box 799
Uvalde, TX 78802

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