Personal Security and Safety


These security tips are to help you think about added protection. 
If a criminal wants something bad enough, nothing will stop them.
The more protection/security you have, the more likelihood that a criminal will bypass you and/or your property.

This is a broad area as your personal safety can be an issue no matter where you are. 

This will be a section not to tell you how to defend yourself, but rather how to reduce your chances of being a victim.

If a thief approaches you, especially with a weapon, and demands your belongings, give it to them.  This is considered robbery or aggravated robbery.  While the item they want you to give up may be valuable to you, remember that it is a material item that may be later recovered or replaced, but your life can’t.  Often times, people will try to fight the criminal and will either be seriously injured or lose their life.

Avoid dark alleyways at night when you are alone.

If going to a club, carry only identification and limited cash or a single credit card with you.  Carrying purses and wallets can be a costly mistake if you are “pick pocketed” or leave the purse at the table as anyone can grab it.  Do not leave your drinks unattended also as people can slip drugs into your drink, which can affect your mental faculties (leaving your prone to sexual or other type of violence).  If you leave a drink unattended, get a new one if you are thirsty, don’t take the risk that your drink “will be fine”.

When using an ATM, ensure you are in a well-lit area and do not stand at the ATM counting your money where everyone can see how much you just took out.

Be conscious of your surroundings and who is in those surroundings.  When you reach into your wallet or purse, do not flash all the money you have where everyone around you can see it.

Carry only that amount of cash you need on your person.  These days, you can get credit/debit cards, checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, and traveler’s checks.  All these monetary methods are tracked and traceable.  Money that is stolen is “GONE” unless you keep a recorded document of all the serial numbers of each and every dollar bill you have on your person, which is time consuming if you shop a lot.

Do not get into a “battle of wits” with a stranger who is making “wise” comments.  This has happened in the past and people have paid dearly for it by: loss of life, cars being stolen and torched or dumped in lakes/rivers (has happened in Killeen), etc.

Never get into a vehicle with someone you don’t know.  These days you don’t know who is a rapist, drug user, murderer, etc.  A person can become violated, lose their life, or even go to jail if narcotics is found in their proximity.

Do not drive a vehicle that does not belong to you or your family member (if they have let you use their vehicle).  Many times now people will drive a vehicle that belongs to another person and the owner reports it as stolen.  You may be driving a vehicle that is stolen and can either go to jail for theft of the vehicle or unauthorized use of the motor vehicle.




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