Safe Driving Tips


State law requires a driver to carry his/her valid driver’s license and proof of valid insurance at any time they are operating a motor vehicle. 

You must display your Driver’s License upon demand of a Peace Officer. Failure to do so is a citable/arrestable offense.

If you move, you must also update your address on your driver’s license within 30 days by notifying Texas Department of Public Safety.  Texas DPS Online Website gives you the ability to update your address and/or renew your license for a small fee.  It only takes a couple minutes and they will mail your license to you eliminating the need to wait in the long lines at the DPS office.  

Remember, the left lane is for passing and/or turning only as it is the lane Emergency Vehicles use when responding to emergency calls.


HEADLIGHTS ARE REQUIRED to be on during the hours of darkness.

It is against the law to drive with only your parking lights and fog lights. State statutes consider fog lights to be an auxilary style light and no more than two auxilary lights can be on in addition to the headlights being on.



Driving in regards to Emergency Vehicles

Everyday Driving

Reckless Driving & Street Racing


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