Travel & Deployment


When traveling or deploying if you are active duty (or activated guard/reserve) military, you have a lot to think of for your safety and those of your loved ones.



  Always try to plan your trip in advance, not at the last minute (this can save you a lot of money on hotels and airfare as well)

  Pick a hotel in a safe part of the towns you will be visiting

  Do not leave your luggage in your vehicle

  Store valuables in the hotel safe (if applicable) or put up your do not disturb sign to keep cleaning crews from entering your room.

  If you have to take credit cards, take a limited number of credit cards but do not keep them all in one place (i.e. carrying 5 of them in your wallet)

  If possible, get traveler’s checks (like American Express) for your travel expenses and to purchase items with.  Depending, your bank might be able to do these for you for no cost (for example: Some banks will charge non-bank members for traveler’s checks)



Military personnel have many options open to them in both the military and civilian communities.  For lengthy deployments, consider storing your items or ensure you have a 24/7-point of contact that can watch your property or be a reporting party should something happen to your property.
For military options, check with your NCO’s and Officers, as they usually know where to send you to store your vehicle and give you some other options.



If you will be deploying for a lengthy period of time (several months or a year/longer), and live in an apartment or rental home, consider storing your belongings in a controlled environment storage facility that is monitored by CCTV (closed-circuit television recorded camera system).

Be careful when creating a power of attorney for another individual.  Power of attorney’s can be limited to ensure that someone does not “run off” with all your belongings.



Ensure that you have a reputable person who can make periodic checks of your home.

Ensure you have someone who can mow your yard (can be a friend or a contract company).

Consider the use of timers to turn off and turn on lights at different times of the day/night to give the appearance that you are home.

If you subscribe to a newspaper delivered at your door, you may want to consider telling them to either stop your subscription or to deliver your newspapers to a different address.

Have the post office either forward your mail to you wherever you are going or see if they can hold your mail/let someone else pick your mail up for you.


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